Jillian Eversole shares Third Trimester Outfit Ideas | Rhyme & Reason
Third Trimester Outfit Ideas | Rhyme & Reason

Third Trimester Outfit Ideas

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In my second trimester, my baby bump started to grow and I remember thinking, I can’t imagine my stomach growing and stretching even more than this. Spoiler alert: it did! In the third trimester, pregnant bellies really grow and it becomes trickier to find things to wear. So, I wanted to share my thoughts on third trimester outfit ideas. In the third trimester, I really reached that point where I struggled to get comfortable and stay comfortable. Choosing outfits that allowed me to be as comfortable as possible has been key! I’ve found a few style tricks that have worked well for me!

Keep in mind, my third trimester consisted of July, August, and September. Of course, if you’re pregnant in your third trimester in the middle of winter then your ideas on what to wear in your third trimester will be a bit different. I’m including a few third trimester pregnancy outfit ideas for different seasons below. But I don’t have photos of me in said outfits. I can confidently say though that I have a very good grasp on what is and isn’t comfortable while very pregnant! I hope this post is helpful for any of y’all who are expecting. A little maternity style inspiration never hurts because I know getting dressed can be less than inspiring at this stage of pregnancy.

Third Trimester Outfit Ideas | Rhyme & Reason
Jillian Eversole shares Third Trimester Outfit Ideas | Rhyme & Reason

On Jillian: Dress / Cardigan / Flats (similar for less)

On Sarah: Dress / Sneakers

On Edwin: Button-Down (old – similar) / Jeans / Sneakers

Outfit Ideas Any Pregnant Woman Can Wear in the Third Trimester | Rhyme & Reason
How to dress your bump during the third trimester | Rhyme & Reason
pregnancy + comfortable maternity style ideas | Rhyme & Reason
How to dress your bump during the third trimester | Rhyme & Reason

Third Trimester Outfit Ideas

Empire Waist Dresses

I have LIVED in empire waist dresses while pregnant, especially while in my third trimester. As seen in the photos in this post, an empire waist is extremely comfortable and flattering for growing bellies. Empire waist dresses have fitted bodices that end just below the bust. Which creates a high-waisted appearance and creates a super loose, flowy, comfortable skirt that skims the body rather than fits the body. The silhouette gives the body some shape but isn’t clingy or pulling in any area around the belly! I love the cotton CP Shades dress I’m wearing in this post because it is flattering and flutters around when I walk (aka waddle, ha!). The gold floral block print is adorable too!

Smocked Dresses

I bought a few maternity dresses from Hatch but I was often able to stick to styles like empire waist dresses, smocked dresses, and bag dresses throughout my pregnancy and just wear normal clothing (instead of maternity clothing). My smocked dress pregnancy style was on display here! I rounded up some beautiful smocked dresses below that are great for the third trimester too.

Bag Dresses

I’m never 100% sure what to call big, loose, flowy dresses so I lovingly refer to them as bag dresses. I was also a big fan of bag dresses pre-pregnancy (as seen here). And have continued to love the style through my pregnancy (as seen here). They are just comfortable and extremely easy to throw on before running out the door. Sure, bag dresses don’t give anyone much shape. But they can still be chic if you find some fashion-forward ones like below.

Leggings Outfits

I don’t really wear leggings out of the house unless they are workout pants. But my maternity style definitely consisted of maternity leggings in the third trimester. I’ve loved throwing on a pair of maternity leggings with a cute button-down. Edwin actually calls this look his favorite of my pregnancy looks. Ha, boys are funny! I found the single best maternity leggings! The Storq signature leggings are ahhhh-mazing! They are so soft and comfortable that I never want to take them off. If you have one takeaway from this post, let it be these leggings!

The two button-downs I’ve LIVED in this pregnancy are this denim shirt (trust me, if you wear it as much as I do, then it’s worth the price!) and this classic white top. Below are two pairs of leggings (including my beloved Storq leggings that I mentioned above), one adorable pair of joggers, and a bunch of great tops to pair with leggings.

Maternity Jeans

I never needed maternity jeans because I’ve been at my biggest throughout the summer. However, I’ve done some research on maternity jeans and asked a few trusted friends to get the best scoop for y’all! It comes down a lot to if you prefer maternity side-panel jeans or maternity over-the-belly jeans. Maternity jeans outfits are necessary third trimester outfits if you are at the end of your pregnancy in the fall and winter. I love Madewell jeans and was thrilled to learn that Madewell maternity jeans get a thumbs up from a lot of my friends! P.S. Look above under the leggings outfits section for lots of cute tops to pair with maternity jeans. And below to the maternity sweaters section for lots of cute sweaters to pair with maternity jeans.

Maternity Sweaters

If you are really pregnant in the fall or winter, then I definitely suggest investing in a pair of maternity jeans and a few maternity sweaters. The fact of the matter is that you won’t want to stretch out any of your normal sweaters and even your cozy, roomy sweaters probably won’t fit in the final months of your pregnancy. I also found a few maternity sweaters below that are gorgeous and that you’ll love and feel confident wearing in your fourth trimester after baby comes out! P.S. Cardigans (like mine in these photos too!) are also wonderful sweaters for baby bumps.

Outfit Ideas Any Pregnant Woman Can Wear in the Third Trimester | Rhyme & Reason
pregnancy + comfortable maternity style ideas

Photography by Edwin Eversole

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