Summer Picnic Necessities

Wow, summer you’re slipping through my fingers! I have two more weeks until I go back to work and start teaching my little Kindergarten loves. I have every intention of living life to the fullest over the next two weeks and continuing my summer mindset through September. Since there are still so many warm days ahead (fingers crossed!), I decided to round up my summer picnic necessities as inspiration for us all to get outside and enjoy the long days! I love the picnic basket because it has an Americana vibe and is a great price, aka it’s a no brainer. Here are your summer picnic necessities to make the most perfect picnic (Labor Day is around the corner!).

Summer Picnic Necessities on Rhyme & Reason

Plates / Hat / Dress / Sunglasses / Sandals / Playing Cards / Water Bottle / Sunscreen / Picnic Basket / Paddles / Blanket / Napkins / Bottle Opener / Scarf / Wine Bag / Wine Glasses / Monogram Bag

Get the Summer Picnic Necessities Look:

Oh hey, there’s more:

4 Responses to Summer Picnic Necessities

  1. Ashley says:

    Love that dress! I go back to school in a few weeks, and I agree, here’s to hoping summer lasts through September!

    Ashley //

  2. Jess Zimilch says:

    I’m in complete denial that an entire week of August has blown by!

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