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Preppy outfit ideas for guys

Charleston, South Carolina
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Hello friends! Today’s post is a little bit different but I’m excited about it. Other than a gift guide for men here and there, I don’t post men’s content on Rhyme & Reason. However, when I post photos of Edwin and me together on Instagram, I get DMs from y’all asking for recommendations on men’s clothing and for scoop on what Edwin likes to wear. Overall, I’d describe Edwin’s style as pretty classic and preppy but with a modern touch.

Edwin also has a wealth of outdoor, all weather clothing (and gear, oh my gosh the gear!) too that definitely defines his style. I really love the way Edwin dresses and love his classic preppy outfits. He cares about the way he presents himself and I really respect that in men. Edwin is by no means a sloppy dresser, which I’m so grateful for! A preppy wardrobe for men is timeless and I appreciate that. He’s a preppy guy at heart!

P.S. I’m laughing as I write this thinking about Edwin reading my description of his style when this post goes up, ha!

Preppy Outfit iDeas for Guys | Rhyme & Reason

Jacket / Button-Down / Jeans / Oxfords / Belt

How to Sport the Preppy Style Like a Pro as a Man | Rhyme & Reason
Preppy Outfit iDeas for Guys | Rhyme & Reason

Preppy Outfit Ideas For Guys

Everyday Outfit

The outfit featured in this post is a perfect example of an everyday outfit for Edwin. I honestly love this look! On any given day, Edwin wears a pair of blue jeans or khakis with a solid, strip, or check button-down and a pair of desert boots, sneakers, or oxfords as seen here. As the weather turns colder, Edwin will layer on a pullover sweater or throw on a jacket or a blazer. A Barbour jacket is the perfect weight for Charleston and also has the perfect amount of dressiness to it. When a man wears a Barbour jacket, he can guarantee that he will be comfortable and appropriate for any occasion.

Edwin is wearing the ‘Ashby Wax Jacket‘ here, which is incredibly timeless. I love everything from the signature corduroy collar to the Tartan plaid lining. I also can’t get enough of the quilted Barbour jackets for men. Edwin doesn’t own one but I think he needs to!

Edwin wears a lot of the same brands but he is kind of specific about which items he likes from which brands. So, here is a breakdown of exactly what Edwin wears (according to Edwin, not me!)…

Button-Downs: Ralph Lauren Slim Fit // J.Crew Slim Fit // Banana Republic Slim Fit // Untuckit

Polo Shirts: Ralph Lauren Iconic Mesh Polo

Sweaters: J.Crew Pullovers in Cashmere, Cotton, and Wool (he loves the Rollneck right now) // Ralph Lauren Pullover Half-Zip or Crewneck

Coats/Jackets: Ralph Lauren Pea Coat (one, two, three) // Barbour Wax Jacket

Jeans: Levi’s 511 Slim Jeans or 512 Slim Tapered Jeans // J.Crew Factory Slim (he’s wearing these in this post)

Khakis/Chinos: Banana Republic Fulton Skinny Fit // J.Crew 484 Slim-Fit

Oxford Shoes: Banana Republic Nyle, Jennings, or Kevin styles

Sneakers: Nike Killshot // Vans // Allbirds Wool Runners // Lems

Desert Boots: Clarks leather or suede

Boat Shoes: Sperry Authentic Original

Chelsea Boots: J.Crew Kenton Leather

Boots: Tecovas The Dean

How to Dress Men's Preppy Style | Rhyme & Reason

Travel Outfit

Briefcase: Filson

Luggage: Away

Outdoorsy Outfit

Fleeces, Quilted Jackets, & Wind Breakers: Outdoor Voice Fleece // Patagonia Down Jacket // Patagonia Fleece Sweater Jacket // Patagonia Fleece Vest // Filson Rain Jacket // Simms Insulated Jacket

Christmas Outfit

Dress Shirts: Ralph Lauren Slim Fit // J.Crew Ludlow

Blazers: Brooks Brothers 1818 Style

Suits: J.Crew Ludlow Essential and Ludlow Premium

The Preppy Clothes & Brands Men Need In Their Wardrobe | Rhyme & Reason
The Preppy Clothes & Brands Men Need In Their Wardrobe | Rhyme & Reason

I hope this blog post gave you some preppy clothing outfit ideas for men. Being a preppy dresses is a great style of dressing and can be really smart and involve quite a bit of outdoor wear. A preppy aesthetic and preppy wardrobe doesn’t always have to be associated with ivy league culture and country clubs (although nothing wrong with that!). As I mentioned above, Edwin is a classic dresser but with a modern flare… so you’ll see him in a lot of classic pieces like a navy blazer but in a contemporary silhouette like a slim fit. To me, that’s the right way to do preppy style for men! Don’t forget that preppy style for men can really mean a lot of different things!

How To Dress Preppy | A Man's Preppy Dress Guide

Jacket / Button-Down / Jeans / Oxfords / Belt

Get the Preppy Outfit Ideas for Guys look

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