Meet Maybelle

Hello friends! I’m so excited for y’all to formally meet Maybelle Eversole, our sweet puppy. We officially added Maybelle to our family Thanksgiving week and have loved every minute with her ever since. To say it was love at first sight is an understatement. She is such a love that all I want to do is snuggle with her all day. Keep reading as I share more about our girl and share our go-to outfits we wear to the park (which is an everyday occurrence so these looks have been tested and approved!).

A family marvels at their new labrador retriever puppy

On Jillian: Turtleneck (more sizes here, I also have and love it in solid colors) / Fleece / Jeans (similar for less) / Boots
On Edwin: Vest / Button-Down (old – similar, similar) / Pants / Boots / Watch
On Maybelle: Leash

A happy yellow labrador retriever puppy Meet labrador puppy Maybelle Eversole Cozy, active, warm winter outfit ideas including a stipe turtleneck, Patagonia fleece, blue jeans, and Hunter rain boots // Rhyme & Reason

I’m wearing my one of my favorite Patagonia fleece jackets. It is’s beyond cozy so it’s perfect for cool mornings in the park with Maybelle and it comes in three colors. It’s been so freezing in Charleston lately that I’ve been wearing it a ton around town too. I layer it under big puffer jackets.

I love Patagonia and find it to be one of the more practical brands I shop so always think it’s worth it to invest in their products. I’m also wearing my Hunter ‘Packable’ rain boots. They are truly the best pair to buy if you plan to travel with them (hence the ‘Packable’ name). I think they look so smart and fun in navy as opposed to black (also I also love black as seen here). They come in multiple colors though! Here are a few more of my favorite fuzzy Patagonias:

A family outside with their new yellow lab puppy // Rhyme & Reason The best Patagonia pieces for him and her including a Patagonia vest for men and a Patagonia fleece zip-up for women // Rhyme & Reason What to wear to a day in the park with a yellow lab puppy: a plaid flannel and a Patagonia zip-up vest // Rhyme & Reason

Edwin is wearing one of my favorite items in his closet, his gray Patagonia vest (comes in multiple colors). I love the look of zip-up vests and sweater vests (yes!) on guys so I’m always happy to see him in this vest. He wears it all the time because it adds just the right amount of warmth. I also love that it comes in this full zip-up jacket and this pullover. This fleece vest is very good looking too and a tad bit warmer due to the material. I’m also personally obsessed with this navy jacket for men… thinking it could be a Valentine’s Day gift for Edwin! Here are a few more Patagonia staples I love for men (Edwin has and wears a lot of them!):

P.S. here are two similar girl versions of Edwin’s vest: one, two.

Cold Weather Outfit Necessities: Patagonia Fleece Zip-Up and Hunter Rain Boots Family love with a yellow lab puppy // Rhyme & Reason A day in White Point Gardens in Charleston with a yellow lab puppy // Rhyme & Reason

My stripe turtleneck tee is so soft that I find myself reaching for it all the time. I have it in the steps as seen here but I also have it in a couple solid colors too. A pro trick when shopping these long sleeves is to check out what J.Crew Factory has because they often have the same styles for less like here and here. Also, how adorable is this stripe turtleneck… I think I need to add it to m closet!

The best Patagonia fleece jackets to wear this winter and where to buy Patagonia for women // Rhyme & Reason Family love in the park wearing Patagonia // Rhyme & Reason Meet our yellow labrador puppy, Maybelle // Rhyme & Reason A precious yellow labrador retriever puppy

Meet Maybelle

Maybelle is sweet, loving, spunky, inquisitive, optimistic, curious, soft, tender, and friendly. She absolutely LOVES the dog park and making new friends. She’ll run and chase balls with other dogs for hours before she tuckers out. Maybelle plays and runs hard, which we love (she gets so sleepy at the end of the day after a great dog park visit!). She loves belly hugs and is an expect cuddler. Maybelle does the cutest sideways sit that makes my heart melt. She is a little timid around new people but with each passing day she is warming up to new people faster and faster. She has our hearts and we honestly can’t imagine life without her now. I look at Maybelle and think about how I can’t wait for her to grow with our family and play with the kids we have one day (ha, so sentimental over here!).

We thought we’d call her May more than Maybelle but once we met her, she really was a Maybelle. Edwin originally picked the name May because we got engaged in the month of May. I then added on the “belle” to give it a family touch as I have a great aunt who was named Maybelle. The rest is history!

P.S. we got Maybelle from French Creek Labradors, an Orvis certified breeder. They are wonderful and I couldn’t recommend them enough! Our best friends got a labrador from them a few years ago, which is how we came to get our Maybelle.

A family outside with their new yellow lab puppy // Rhyme & Reason A family in White Point Gardens in Charleston // Rhyme & Reason

On Jillian: Turtleneck (more sizes here, I also have and love it in solid colors) / Fleece / Jeans (similar for less) / Boots
On Edwin: Vest / Button-Down (old – similar, similar) / Pants / Boots / Watch
On Maybelle: Leash

Get the Meet Maybelle Look:

Photography by Virgil Bunao

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  1. Sarah says:

    LOVE Maybell – I can’t wait to meet her!


  2. Mackenzie says:

    Such a cute and practical outfit. Love it!! I just got a puppy as well. We got a labradoodle 🙂 My fiancé is allergic, so we got one that didn’t shed. Puppies are the best!!

  3. Meghan says:

    Oh my goodness she looks ADORABLE! I’m sure she will bring you piles of joy!

    Meghan | Picture It Pretty

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