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As Edwin and I start thinking about decorating our house (p.s. recent house update here!), we’re having conversations about art and what we want to hang on the walls throughout our house. Art is one of the best ways to set the tone for a house and convey the personalities of the owners. When I walk into a house and I see a really well curated art collection, I immediately get a feeling. I feel like the house is a person with stories to tell about each piece of art. I hope our house gives people this feeling one day! Enter pop culture photographer extraordinaire, Gray Malin!

If you have been living under a rock the last handful of years, let me give you a brief rundown on Mr. Malin. Gray is a fine art photographer and NY Times bestselling author with a slew of branded products for the home, travel, and more. He made a name for himself and skyrocketed to fame with his aerial beach photography and photographs of must-see destinations like the Greek Isles and the Amalfi Coast. Gray also has a lifestyle blog and he and his husband have twins. I’m telling you, he does it all! Gray lives by the motto, “Make every day a getaway.” Don’t you just love that!? So, you like Gray Malin… then keep reading because I’ve rounded up a number of photographers like Gray Malin that are absolutely not to be missed!

Photographers like Gray Malin to shop for your home | Rhyme & Reason Modern photographs like Slim Aarons to know now + Slim Aarons look alike | Rhyme & Reason Photographers like Slim Aarons to shop for your house | Rhyme & Reason

Photographers like Gray Malin

Slim Aarons

Where to buy Slim Aarons Photographs for your House | Rhyme & Reason The best modern photographers to shop now that were influenced by Slim Aarons + Photographers like Slim Aarons | Rhyme & Reason

Slim Aarons is the original American fine art travel photographer! His career spanned half a century with his photography heyday taking place between the 1950s-1980s. Slim Aarons described his work as follows, “I have concentrated on photographing attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places.” As such, his work is beyond iconic and has really stood the test of time. His photography provides a glimpse into a bygone era of Hollywood, luxury, wealth, influence, and travel. None of the photographers in this post (very much including Gray Malin) would exist without Slim Aarons. Here are three of his most celebrated pieces: one, two, three.

Judith Gigliotti

If you love Gray Malin then you must know about and shop these 6 other fine art photographers | Rhyme & Reason Photographers like Slim Aarons and Gray Malin that you Need to Know Now Including Judith Gigliotti | Rhyme & Reason

Fine art photographer Judith Gigliotti calls Santa Monica home but Italy is her home away from homes. She has traveled the world but is always drawn back to Italy’s sparkling coastlines, where she visits every single summer (jealous!). Judith captures the “from above” shots of Italian beaches but never from a helicopter or drone… she always hikes in order to find her perfect shot. What a way to interact with your surroundings! I think her dedication shows in her work. I’m smitten with these three pieces: one, two, three.

Natalie Obradovich

So, You Like Gray Malin... The Best Photographers to Shop if you Love Gray Malin, including Natalie Obradovich | Rhyme & Reason If you love Gray Malin then you must know about and shop these 6 other fine art photographers | Rhyme & Reason

Natalie Obradovich is a Los Angeles-based fine art travel photographer with an affinity for capturing seaside culture and living. I think she’s really made a name for herself through her work capturing Europe, Miami, and the Caribbean. No one on my Instagram feed makes me want to jet off somewhere exotic more than Natalie! These three photographs are ones that really stick out to me for their subject matter, lighting, and general presence: one, two, three. P.S. she’s an interior designer too!

Lucy Cuneo

So, You Like Gray Malin... The Best Photographers to Shop if you Like Gray Malin, including Lucy Cuneo | Rhyme & Reason 1 So, You Like Gray Malin... The Best Gray Malin Look Alike Photographers to Shop, including Lucy Cuneo | Rhyme & Reason 1

Lucy Cuneo has been named a top photographer in the world by Harpers Bazaar and Conde Nast Brides for good reason. She is a truly gifted photographer with an eye that is pretty much unmatched in the industry. Lucky for all of us, it’s possible to have a piece of Lucy’s world in your home with her three fine art photography collections: Beaches, Flowers, and Found. I have one of her floral prints and I swoon over it every time I walk past it. I’m totally taken with these three pieces: one, two, three.

Mackenzie and Camden Horan

If you love Nantucket, then you know need know about this Nantucket photographer + Hydrangea Lined Driveway on Nantucket | Rhyme & Reason Photographers like Slim Aarons and Gray Malin that you Need to Know Now | Rhyme & Reason

Brother and sister duo, Mackenzie and Camden Horan, run a swoon-worthy photography print shop called Nantucket Print Shop. Yup, you guessed it, all the photography is of Nantucket! If you’ve ever been to Nantucket, then I’m guessing the tiny island stole a little piece of your heart. Nantucket just has the affect on people! Mackenzie and Camden’s work captures that essence of Nantucket beautifully! I personally love these three photographs so much: one, two, three.

Christine Flynn

The Top Coastal Photographers to Shop to Bring Photography into your Home | Rhyme & Reason Photographers like Slim Aarons and Gray Malin that you Need to Know Now Including Christine Flynn | Rhyme & Reason

Christine Flynn‘s photography always hooks me because of how dreamy and etherial it is. He globetrotting provides her with stunning scenes and subjects to capture. I find her work super soothing and inspiring so it goes great in any home! These three works stand out to me: one, two, three.

Gray Malin Look Alike

Now that you’ve dived into the works of some other gifted photographers and learned a bit more about the inspiration for them all (Slim!), what do you think? Who is your favorite Gray Malin look alike? I’d love to hear what you think! Leave your favorite below in the comments! Thanks for reading! xx

P.S. this post originally appeared on my blog a few years ago but it is still so relevant so I decided to update it by giving it a little refresh and then re sharing it! The collage below – a gallery wall if you will! – was from my original post! It includes work by Gray Malin as well as other famed photographers including: Slim Aarons, Thom Filicia, Judith Gigliotti, and Mark Paulda.

Rhyme & Reason Photography Gallery Wall 1

Rhyme & Reason Photography Gallery Wall 2

Rhyme & Reason Photography Gallery Wall 3

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday! xx

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