High Waisted Outfits

I remember them like they were yesterday… the days of low rise pants and jeans. Style is cyclical so I’m sure the low rise craze will come back around one day but, for now, all I can think when I look at old photos of me wearing low rise jeans is “what was I thinking?” I’m so puzzled by the look because, in my opinion, low rise styles really aren’t as flattering as high rise styles yet everyone wore them. Now, I love my high waisted pants, skirts, etc, so much that I can’t imagine ever abandoning them the way I did with my low rise pants.

In my opinion, high waisted pants are so much more comfortable and flattering. Plus, high waisted pants don’t require a serious yank up before sitting down. It’s the little things that go a long way! Keep reading for a few high waisted outfits that I wear on the repeat.

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How To Wear High Waist Bottoms

One of the reasons I love high waisted bottoms so much is because, in terms of pants, high waist styles look good in every style. Yup, I love high waisted skinny jeans, high waisted straight leg pants, high waisted flare pants, high waisted skirts, and high waisted shorts. If I add on an extra pound or two, it always goes right to my low belly/hips area.

Low rise bottoms accentuate this area, aka not good for me! However, a high rise has a smoothing effect on this area of the body and goes up to the waist, which creates a more cinched waist look and an hourglass look. I think this is so much more flattering and is the case when wearing high waisted jeans, high waisted denim shorts, high waisted leggings, high waisted skirts, etc. Trust me, don’t fear high waists and don’t associate all high waisted jeans with mom jeans.

A few tips for how to wear high waist bottoms:

– When wearing high waisted pants outfits or high waisted jeans outfits, try out any leg style including skinny, straight, or flare… they all work!

– Embrace crop tops! You won’t catch me in a midriff baring crop top but I love styling crop tops with high waisted bottoms. Crop tops sit just right over high waistlines!

– Tuck in or tie up your top. If you aren’t wearing a top that’s cropped then tuck it in or tie it up if it’s a button-down to show off the high waist and to give your body a nice silhouette.

– Slip into some heels. High waisted pants, shorts, and skirts can give your figure an elongated look. So, I suggest keeping this look going by adding a touch more height with a pair of heels or wedges. If you are styling a pair of high waisted shorts for a professional or polished setting, then definitely wear heels. (P.S. you’ll see that I wear high waisted bottoms with flats all the time too though so both work!)

– Belt it! Adding a belt to high waisted bottoms or buying high waisted bottoms with a built-in waist tie or belt really helps create a cinched waist look. High waisted bottoms with belts or waist ties look wonderful with tucked in tops! Yay!

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High Waisted Outfits

High Waisted Jeans Outfit

I have a plethora of high waisted jeans outfits I could share with y’all! I take comfort in high waisted jeans! Definitely, I love dressing high waisted jeans down with a tee, dressing them for work with a button-down, and dressing them up with a statement top.

The best high waisted jeans outfits + how to pull off high waisted jeans | Rhyme & Reason

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Top (similar for less: one, two, three) / Scarf / Jeans / Purse / Loafers / Necklace

The best high waisted jeans outfits + how to pull off high waisted jeans | Rhyme & Reason

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Top / Jeans / Sandals (more sizes here, also come in flat sandals) / Purse

The best high waisted jeans outfits + how to pull off high waisted jeans | Rhyme & Reason

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Rain Jacket (comes in 9 colors!) / Top (similar) / Jeans (also love these) / Purse / Loafers (also love these) / Umbrella (also love this one)

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Top / Jeans / Scarf (also love this scarf) / Purse (old – last seen here, similar)

High Waisted Skirt Outfit

When I think of low rise skirts, I think of the fashion on the TV show, The OC. I adored everything Marissa and Summer wore back in the day but, now, I can’t even imagine putting on a low rise skirt. When it comes to styling high waisted skirt outfits, I always tuck my top in, tie my top up, or wear a cropped top. This is true regardless of if it’s a casual everyday skirt or a dressy event skirt.

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Skirt (old – similar, similar) / Stripe T-Shirt / Chambray Shirt / Clutch (old – similar, similar) / Heels (old – similar, similar, similar)

Look to Love: Leopard High Waisted Skirt | Rhyme & Reason

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Skirt (similar, similar, similar) / Top / Denim Jacket / Clutch / Shoes (more sizes available with this pair) / Necklace

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T-Shirt / Skirt (c/o) / Espadrilles (also available here) / Purse (old – similar)

High Waisted Pants Outfit

A great pair of high waisted pants, that aren’t blue jeans, is a closet staple in my mind. Last year, I made a point to find pant alternatives to jeans that I love because I found myself wearing jeans so frequently. I was super successful on my hunt! Since then, I always receive compliments on my pants when I step out in one of my denim alternatives. I think a lot of people feel like I did but they don’t know where to shop for or how to style pants other than jeans. Enter: high waisted pants!

Tips for How to Wear High Waisted Pants | Rhyme & Reason

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Top / Pants / Loafers / Purse (similar for less) / Earrings

Tips for how to wear and style high waisted pants for a comfortable and flattering look | Rhyme & Reason

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Pants (old – similar, similar, similar, similar) / Top (old – similar, similar, similar, similar) / Clutch (old – similar, similarsimilar) / Wedges (old color – similar, similar, similar)/ Earrings (old – similar)

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Purse / Top (old – similar, similar) / Pants (old – similar, similar) / Scarf / Earrings (old color – similar, similar) / Espadrilles (old color – similar, similar)

High Waisted Outfits + How to Style High Waisted Pants | Rhyme & Reason

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Fleece (c/o) / Scarf / Pants (old – similar, similar) / Loafers

High Waisted Leggings Outfit

I admit, I used to love a good high waisted leggings outfit back at the beginning of college but I don’t really wear leggings anymore. However, I know others do so I wanted to include this section to provide my take on high waisted leggings outfits. My take on high waisted leggings is workout pants! I absolutely love high waisted leggings when I’m working out, on walks, or just generally stepping out in athleisure. They are so comfortable and keep everything locked in place really well, ha!

High Waisted Outfits + How to Wear High Waisted Leggings | Rhyme & Reason

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Leggings (similar, similar) / Tank (old – similar, similar) / Sports Bra / Tennis Shoes (similar)

High Waisted Outfits + How to Wear High Waisted Leggings | Rhyme & Reason

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Leggings (old – similar, similar) / Pullover Jacket (old – similar, similar, similar) / Sports Bra (old – similar, similar, similar) / Tennis Shoes (wearing Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, old – similar)

High Waisted Shorts Outfit

I admit that I’m not a huge shorts person. However, when I wear shorts, I always wear high waisted shorts! I actually just bought the cutest pair of black high waisted shorts last week (also available in white). I plan to wear them this summer with crisp white tops to create polished black and white summer looks. In the fall, I know I’ll wear them non-stop during the day with tops and sweaters before it gets too cold for shorts. For fall, I’m loving the idea of these black high waisted shorts with a muted floral top like this one. There are more top options than you might think to pair your shorts with as high waisted shorts are such a fun look. My girlfriend Mackenzie often wears and styles the cutest high waisted shorts as seen here!

High Waisted Pencil Skirt Outfit

I think 2019 is the year I embrace high waisted pencil skirt outfits. Truth be told, I don’t have a great pencil skirt, which has stopped me from pulling off the look. I think a high waisted pencil skirt paired with a silk top is one of the most classic looks so I’m really in the market for such a skirt. I think I would slip into high waisted pencil skirts all the time if I lived in a place like New York City or worked at an office with a dressed up dress code! My girlfriend Kat often wears and styles the cutest high waisted shorts as seen here!

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for high waisted outfits to wear this year! xx

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