Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial

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Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial

If you read the title of this blog post and asked yourself, “what’s a grandmillennial?” then let me quickly fill you in… Our millennial culture meets the bygone era of our grandparents’ generation. It’s a term that was coined by House Beautiful editor Emma Bazilian in September 2019. Her article, that defined a subset of millennial culture who might have previously be labeled “granny chic,” struck a massive chord with the internet. It became a hugely popular story and now the term ‘grandmillennial’ is a household term. Emma revealed grandmillennials to be “Ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s. Grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’ – Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens.”

I personally can say that I read her story and thought, “Oh my gosh! That’s it! That’s me!”

In my mind, grandmillennials are a deeply nostalgic group with a vast appreciation for the past and for the culture of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. If a fabric would most likely be found as a table linen or a drapery, then I am most likely wearing it on my body in dress form. So to me, our wedding china was the most exciting gift we received (step aside food processor!). I learned to needlepoint so I could finish some of my late grandmother’s unfinished works.

To me, this is grandmillennial.

As Emma’s article skyrocketed to internet fame, it spurred a spin-off story from One Kings Lane. A few of my lovely friends are featured in each article. In Emma’s story, my friend Nan Philip was quoted as saying “What I love about an old-school, layered—some might say cluttered—aesthetic is that it actually lets you show your personality. When someone walks into my apartment, I want them to get a sense of who I am and what I collect and where I’ve traveled, not just that I’m on-trend.” Nan has an undeniable enthusiasm for life that completely comes out through her grandmillennial style.

In the One Kings Lane story, my lovely friend Becky Boyle noted that “Taking fringe, trim, chinoiserie, drapery, skirts on furniture, slipcovers, wallpaper—all of that–and updating them to be convenient for today’s 30-year-old” is what grandmillennial style is all about. Becky has an impeccable eye as seen through her inspired interior design projects! Both Nan and Becky are incredibly kind and as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, which I think is part of what it means to be a grandmillennial.

So, with that long breakdown of grandmillennial culture, I hope you enjoy my Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial below! Tell me, do you think you’re a grandmillennial? I’d love to hear from y’all!

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason
Gift Guide | Rhyme & Reason

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial

01Herend Holiday Bunny

Nothing says Grandmillennial quite like a luxury hand-painted porcelain Herend bunny. In fact, a holiday bunny might be the most quintessential Grandmillennial Christmas gift! Our wedding China is Herend (as is my parents) so I’ve always been partial to the Hungarian porcelain company.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Herend Holiday Bunny | Rhyme & Reason

02John Derian Decoupage Tray

Grandmillenials are no stranger to John Derian decoupage pieces. If you’re new to John Derian, their decoupage is handmade in New York using reproduced imagery from John Derian’s vast collection of antique and vintage prints. John Derian also has an incredible selection of Christmas ornaments as well as an ever-changing assortment of vintage and antique imports, bed and table linens, stationery, plate-ware, lighting, and more… aka Grandmillennial paradise.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - John Derian Decoupage Tray | Rhyme & Reason

03Tory Burch Lettuce Ware Teapot

The elegance of 1960s Palm Beach comes alive with this pale pink teapot done in collaboration with the estate of Dodie Thayer. What grandmillennial wouldn’t want to spend the winter drinking tea from this teapot?
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - lettuce ware teapot | Rhyme & Reason

04Tory Burch Lettuce Ware Cups & Saucers

Pair your lettuce ware teapot with these lovely cups and saucers. Grandmillennials love to entertain whether that be with large dinner parties or with one girlfriend for an evening cup of tea. These are beautiful to display on open kitchen shelving too.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - lettuce ware cup & saucer | Rhyme & Reason

05Petra Palumbo Hand Painted Carafes and Tumblers

These hand painted carafes and tumblers are absolutely beautiful. There are handfuls of differently painted motifs (florals, fruits, etc.). Each design is uniquely gorgeous and makes for such a special gift. The carafes and tumblers are lovely with water for a bedside table. They are hand painted in Great Britain but the company ships worldwide.
Beautiful glassware gift ideas for the hostess | Rhyme & Reason

06The Ark Elements Pippa Tumblers

The Pippa Tumblers from The Ark Elements add the perfect dose of festive charm to any table. They are handblown in Italy, then small dots of colored glass are added to the surface; creating a glass that adds an element of gaiety to the day.
The Ark Elements Pippa Tumblers

07Madre Liberty Print Tissue Box

Grandmillennials have an appreciation for the simple things in life. That’s why something as little as a tissue box can bring quite a bit of joy! These Madre x Liberty London excusing tissue boxes are so adorable. They come in 12 variations.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Madre Liberty Print Tissue Box | Rhyme & Reason

08D. Porthault Lingerie Bag

A lingerie bag is a perfect example of something I love to own and something I actually use (yup, every single time I travel!) but that I don’t want to spend money on myself. That’s why it makes for a perfect gift (my current one was a gift from my sister-in-law!). P.S. it can also double as a shoe bag.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - D. Porthault Lingerie Bag | Rhyme & Reason

09Matouk India Bedding

Matouk makes the most luxurious bedding. We absolutely LOVE this Matouk bedding that we have in our master bedroom! Christmas is a wonderful time to gift a loved one bedding because it’s nice to start the year with a refresh.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Matouk India Bedding | Rhyme & Reason

10Land of Belle Block Print Napkins

If you’re gifting a grandmillennial that you know really loves setting a table and/or entertaining, then a sure bet gift is a set of block print napkins! There is no easier way to add a pop of color to a table.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Land of Belle Block Print Napkins | Rhyme & Reason

11Biscuit Home Cocktail Napkins

These retro inspired cocktail napkins are pure fun. I’m pro inserting a bit of folly into life and details like these napkins do just that!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Biscuit Home Cocktail Napkins | Rhyme & Reason

12Chefanie Pearl Wreath Cocktail Napkins

Are these not the most fabulous cocktail napkins you’ve ever seen? The pearl detail is truly so special. I could picture these in my grandma’s bar, my mom’s bar, or in mine! What a great holiday party hostess gift.
Pearl Wreath Cocktail Napkins

13House & Parties Paper Cocktail Napkins

Rebecca Gardner’s highly curated shop, House & parties, is full of life and gifts for those who love to live life to its fullest! These kitschy paper cocktail napkins are perfection. There is most certainly a time and place for paper cocktail napkins. In case you are curious… A Dresser is a drink for primping. A Roadie is a drink for traveling (on foot). A Nightcap is the drink that you regret.
House & Parties Cocktail Napkins

14The Avenue Christmas Marbled Cracker Kit

Edwin’s family does Christmas crackers every year on Christmas Eve, which is a tradition I just love! These Christmas crackers from The Avenue are actually a kit so you can fill them with whatever your heart desires. Each kit comes with six crackers and includes bangs, crowns and beautiful ribbon!
The Avenue Christmas Marbled Cracker Kit

15Mrs. Alice Poppy Palm Candle Holder

The most playful candle holders I’ve ever seen! The pretty in pink palm candle holders add a touch of whimsy to any table. Gift these to the grandmillennial with an affinity for Palm Beach.
Mrs. Alice Poppy Palm Candle Holder

16Chefanie Red Flower Candles

Does setting a holiday table spark joy for you? Then, you need these gorgeous red floral candles. They would add such a touch of fun elegance to any Christmas table! These are on my wish list.
Red Flower Candles

17Juliska Place Mats

These place mats scream grandmillennial because of their beautiful scalloped edges. They are chic and versatile for grandmillennials to use during impromptu and planned gatherings!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Juliaska Placemats | Rhyme & Reason

18Aerin Raffia Coaster

This set of four hand-woven coasters, in individual flower-inspired designs, has a lovely casual, organic appeal. These are Ideal for everyday use or to bring a touch of coastal design to entertaining… a great grandmillennial stocking stuffer!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Aerin Raffia Coasters | Rhyme & Reason

19Aerin Wicker Scalloped Frames

Spoiler alert, grandmillennials are wicker devotees. These wicker scalloped frames come in three different size options and are a sure bet when it comes to gifting. Did I mention that grandmillennials loved a good scalloped edge?!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Wicker Scalloped Frames | Rhyme & Reason

20Blue & White Stripe Picnic Basket Set

I love gifting experiential gifts or gifts that encourage memory making. This blue and white stripe picnic basket is just that! Gift this to the grandmillennial who would rather put together her own cheese board in a park then rely on someone else to do it.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Picnic Basket Set | Rhyme & Reason

21Riley Sheehey Botanicals

The incredibly lovely and talented Riley Sheehey paints the mot beautiful botanical prints. I just love how whimsical they are. These would be stunning framed in an office, a powder room, bedroom, or really any room in the house!
Riley Sheehey Wallflower Series: Sets of Original Botanical Giclee Prints and Printed Mats

22Abigail J Studio Painting

We have an abigail J Studio landscape painting in our nursery and I simply adore everything about it. Abigail is so talented, I honestly think she could charge so much more for her work! This stunning portrait of a woman and her letters is beyond breathtaking.
Abigail J Studio Painting

23Dogwood Hill Personalized Stationery

Dogwood Hill is an incredible source for beautiful paper goods. They have every type of stationery you’d ever want! Grandmillennials understand the power of a handwritten note so this is a thoughtful gift. You can order sets of between 10 – 500 cards (even just 10 cards is a great gift)!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Dixie Designs Personalized Stationery | Rhyme & Reason

24Inslee 2021 Calendar

In my opinion, this is a perfect gift! If you aren’t familiar with Inslee, then please trust me and give her a follow on Instagram (@inslee). She is an incredibly talented artist. Her calendar is sure to brighten any desk it graces in 2021.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason

25Nine Fair Custom Painted Backgammon Board

Nine Fair was a happy Instagram discovery for me a few years ago. Edwin and I gifted our best friends a board as a wedding gift a few years ago and we also received a board for Christmas in 2018. I’m telling you, if you have a bit of a budget to spend on your favorite Grandmillennial, then this should be at the top of your list.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Custom Nine Fair Backgammon Board | Rhyme & Reason

26Loulou Baker Playing Cards

Grandmillennials love to add special touches whenever possible. So these playing cards are a wonderful stocking stuffer. Over The Moon has a handful of cheery decks of cards for destinations like Charleston and Nantucket. Pop these in a stocking!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Over the Moon Personalized Playing Cards | Rhyme & Reason

27The Mahjong Line Hand Painted Mahjong Tiles

I’m willing to bet a nickel that your grandmothers played either bridge or mahjong. I sadly don’t know how to play either but it makes me sad that both are dying games as they brought a lot of joy to my grandparents. The Mahjong Line is setting out to bring Mahjong back with their beautiful hand painted tiles. What a splendid and fun gift!
Hand Painted Mahjong Tiles

28Dear Annabelle Superlatives Place Cards

Place cards but make them entertaining with these superlative “best” and “most likely to” cards. You could even fill them in but leave the names blank and turn it into some kind of dinner party game. A perfect grandmillennial stocking stuffer!
Superlatives Place Cards

29Lycette Designs Needlepoint Designs

Lycette Designs is a Palm Beach based needlepoint shop run by fellow grandmillennial, Jessica. In true grandmillennial fashion, She named her shop after her great grandmother. Jessica has a super fun selection of needlepoint designs including a great selection of cheeky sayings!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Lycette Designs Needlepoint | Rhyme & Reason

30Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription

Grandmillennials love learning, have a real appreciation for culture and history’s effect on it, and find joy in sitting down with a beautiful magazine. That’s why gifting a southern grandmillennial a subscription to Garden & Gun magazine is a fantastic gift. I honestly think there isn’t a more well done magazine available now than Garden & Gun!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription | Rhyme & Reason

31The Stylish Life: Tennis Coffee Table Book

I love The Stylish Life book series (there is also skiing, yachting, golf, and equestrian) so I definitely recommend one of these as a gift for a coffee table lover. They look fantastic on any shelf, built-in, or table.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - The Stylish Life Tennis Book | Rhyme & Reason

32Living Floral: Entertaining and Decorating with Flowers Coffee Table Book

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Flower Magazine, Margot Shaw, wrote this beautiful book for those who appreciate the beauty and everyday luxury of flowers. I had the great pleasure of meeting Margot at a book signing for Living Floral and really flipped for her eye, attention to detail, and expertise. This book is packed with gorgeous photography!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Living Floral: Entertaining and Decorating with Flowers Book | Rhyme & Reason

33Rattan: A World of Elegance and Charm Coffee Table Book

Grandmillennials love a good rattan accent or piece of furniture. So, this new coffee table book, dedicated to all things rattan, would fit in beautifully on any grandmillennial’s bedside table or living room built-in.
Rattan: A World of Elegance and Charm Coffee Table Book

34More Beautiful Coffee Table Book

Mark Sikes released his second coffee table book this year to much fanfare. I have it so I can tell you with absolute certainty, it is beautiful! The title of the book couldn’t be more fitting. Blue and white lovers in particular will love it!
More Beautiful Coffee Table Book

35Grace Rose Farms Roses

Nothing brightens a room like a bundle of fresh flowers. I love the idea of gifting someone you love a beautiful bouquet of the prettiest roses in the world (yes, Grace Rose Farm has the prettiest roses!). What’s not to love!? They have lots of different rose variations to choose from and they are affordable too!
Grace Rose Farms Roses

36Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit

A reader shared this with me and I thought it was so beautiful and so grandmillennial that I absolutely had to add it to my guide! Elegantly designed, the Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit holds everything you will need to record and save your family heirloom stories… so special. This gift provides a beautiful connection between our grandmillennial generation and the generations of our older and past family members.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit | Rhyme & Reason

37Gucci Beauty Red Lipstick

Grandmillennials are most certainly confident enough to wear a red lip and wear it well. Finding the right red shade can be tricky though. I’ve tried many over the years and always love Gucci’s classic “Red” over most others I experiment with. It’s the perfect lipstick!
Gucci Beauty Red Lipstick

38Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

I mentioned the Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick before on here because I seriously love it. I received it as a birthday gift this year and instantly because obsessed with this beauty MUST. It is beautiful and adds just the right amount of subtle glow. It is effortless, like grandmillennials.
Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

39Molly Moorkamp Shirtdress

I had the privilege of meeting Molly when she had a pop-up in Charleston I instantly fell just as in love with her as I already was with her designs. She has a timeless and energetic aesthetic, anchored in color & femininity (which is so grandmillennial!). The pomander print of this silk shirtdress was uniquely handpainted by Molly’s team making it the perfect piece to gift or wear this holiday season!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Molly Moorekamp Dress | Rhyme & Reason

40Le Lion Personalized Knitwear

Between Le Lion’s lovely sweater designs and wonderful mission as a company, there’s nothing not to love! As an alternative to fast-fashion (which grandmillennials appreciate!), Le Lion was born out of a passion for personalization reminiscent of a bygone era and the desire to reestablish what it means to dress with individual sparkle. Yes!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Le Lion Sweater | Rhyme & Reason

41Charmajesty Christmas Liberty PJs

Every grandmillennial appreciates a happy liberty print. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, everyone wished they could wear these darling Liberty print PJs! Perfect for lounging around the tree or by the fireplace all holiday season long.
Charmajesty Christmas Liberty PJs

42Charmajesty Christmas Liberty Children’s Nighty Dress

A liberty print Christmas pajama or nightgown is unexpected when compared to Christmas plaid PJs. That’s why I love these so much! Plus, this is just about the cutest way for mama and her little lady to be matching over the holiday season.
Charmajesty Christmas Liberty Children's Nighty Dress

43Hill House Home Nap Dress

Hill House Home believes a life well-lived begins in bed. As such, they make beautiful luxe bedding, bath, loungewear, and baby designs. We have their bath towels and love them. Plus, Rowan has some of their onesies and they are adorable. I’m a HUGE devotee of their wildly popular Nap Dresses though. A nap dress is a perfect gift for grandmillennials this year because we’re all spending a bit more time at home (but we still want to look cute!).
Hill House Home Nap Dress

44Sue Sartor Paloma Flounce Dress

Sue Sartor’s Paloma Dress has a bit of a cult following. For good reason! This flouncy textural beauty will take you from the beach to dinner or to a festive special event in effortless style. The hand-stamped custom woodblock prints that the dress comes in are gorgeous too.
Sue Sartor Paloma Flounce Dress

45Le Monde Beryl Velvet Mary Jane flats

I have a pair of Le Monde Beryl slides but my newest crush is their velvet mary jane flats. A mary jane flat is such a sweet shoe style but doing it in velvet gives the shoes an elevated look.
Le Monde Beryl Velvet Mary Jane flats

46Bespoke Stubbs & Wootton Loafers

I love my Stubbs & Wootton loafers so very much. I am a total loafers person so customizable loafers is something I get very excited about. Stubbs & Wootton also offers gift cards, which is a gift I’d be thrilled to receive!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Bespoke Stubbs & Wootton Loafers | Rhyme & Reason

47Sarah Bray Bermuda Bamboo Bucket Bag

Sarah Bray’s Bermunda Bag such a unique little purse fit for any grandmillennial. Each bamboo bucket bag features your choice of tassels: Turquoise, green, or pink. You can also select your favorite interchangeable pouches made with vintage textiles to go with the bags! I think a trip to Bermuda with this bag in tow is in my future!
Sarah Bray Bermuda Bamboo Bucket Bag

48Sarah Bray Bermuda Blue Floral Pouch

Sarah Bray has a selection of beautiful pouches to go along with her Bermunda Bags. They are all made from vintage textiles and of so special. They are also super affordable so I love the idea of collecting a few and mixing them in and out with different outfits. This one little purse can do a lot!
Sarah Bray Bermuda Blue Floral Pouch

49Jefferson Lane Cameo Bobby Pins

The cameo collection at Jefferson Lane is so beautiful and feminine. I think these make such a lovely stocking stuffer! You could also slip these bobby pins on ribbons as an added touch to your gift wrapping. The cameos come in different designs including butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds, florals, and female silhouettes.
Cameo Bobby Pins

50Tricia Lowenfield Ring Dish

A little ring dish or a trinket box is a must on every gal’s bedside table. I take off a lot of my jewelry when I go to sleep and I need somewhere safe to put it so it won’t disappear. This ring dish is just precious. Pair it with a piece of jewelry for a perfect gift.
Ring Dish

51Starling Birth Flower Charm Necklace

I love birthstones but the concept of birth flowers is just as special in a different way. The birth flower charm necklaces designed by Starling are so stunning and they look so chic layered with other necklaces. They make for a gorgeous gift idea for a sister! Did I mention that the charms can be engraved?
Birth Flower Charm Necklace

52Jane Win Love Shell Heart Pendant Necklace

This mother of pearl shell heart pendant necklace is so swoon-worthy. It is set in 10k gold and accented with a pretty pink tourmaline detail. Mother of Pearl reached the height of its popularity back in the day so it’s only fitting that it would be beloved by grandmillenials.
Love Shell Heart Pendant Necklace

53Paravel Luggage

Paravel was started by wanderlust-ers Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz with the goal of designing travel bags durable enough to stand up to overhead bins yet beautiful enough to stand out on the streets (without the designer markups). Gift a piece of Paravel luggage or a Paravel bag to your fave grandmillennial on the go and I promise she will be overjoyed!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Paravel Luggage | Rhyme & Reason

54Roller Rabbit Toiletry Case

Say hello to the cutest toiletry case! My heart flutters for the beautiful block print pattern combined with the bright berry zipper. The case is great because it has a hook for storage and is designed with water-resistant poly canvas, which is a cinch to wipe clean.
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Roller Rabbit Toiletry Case | Rhyme & Reason

55L.L. Bean Tote

The iconic L.L. Bean tote doesn’t really need any explanation. Simply put, these totes have been handcrafted in Maine since the 1940s and solving the bag needs of women ever since. Add a monogram and you’re good to go! I have one that I use as my diaper bag!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - L.L. Bean Tote | Rhyme & Reason

56Parker Thatch Tennis Bag

This bag is personal obsession of mine. I just think it’s fantastic! It fits two tennis racquets and it has a roomy interior so it fits shoes, clothes, gear or whatever you need. It comes in multiple color and stripe options too!
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial - Parker Thatch Tennis Bag | Rhyme & Reason

57andSons Chocolate Christmas Confections

Gifting a hostess this holiday season who is hosting your for a dinner party? Well every grandmillennial knows that a beautiful + delectable hostess gift is a surefire hit. These chocolate Christmas confections from LA-based andSons are almost too pretty to eat.

58Carriage House Cookies Pressed Flower Cookies

The pressed flower cookies from Carriage House Cookies are a favorite in our house! My mom discovered Carriage House Cookies and, ever since, we’ve been loyal customers. A girlfriend of mine recently saw me share their holiday cookies and said she is gifting them as client gifts this year… so clever!
Carriage House Cookies Pressed Flower Cookies
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason
Gift Guide: Gifts for the Grandmillennial | Rhyme & Reason

Sweater / Jeans / Loafers / Needlepoint Moose Ornament Design

For more gift ideas, visit my Gift Guide: Gifts from Small Businesses. Get inspired ideas from some of my favorite small businesses! Support small!

Photography by Edwin Eversole

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  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!!! This is so up my alley! I will definitely be passing it along to my hubby for ideas! 😘😘

  2. I love this so much! I’m not a Millennial, I’m actually of the tiny little “Oregan Trail Generation” sandwiched between Millennial and Gen X. But I relate 1000%. Give me all the old fabrics, heirlooms, hand written letters – the older, gentler ways. Thank you for sharing so many lovely and thoughtful suggestions. As I was reading it I was thinking you might appreciate a gift I received last year and it would fit perfectly with your list. It is the Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit.

    1. Hi Marisa! Thank you so much for reading and loving my guide! You are so sweet! Yes to everything – the older, gentler ways! I just checked out the Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit and I absolutely love it. What a thoughtful gift. I will be ordering! Thank you for recommending it! Thanks again for reading! xx

  3. I had NO IDEA I was a grandmillennial! This list truly speaks to me. I am sharing with my husband – one of everything, please!

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