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The Perfect Galentine’s Day Party

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It feels like Christmas was just yesterday so I can’t believe we are on to the next holiday already… in 24 hours! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m so excited to celebrate with Edwin with a daytime lunch date at The Obstinate Daughter and then a special home-cooked meal by chef Edwin.

However, I did get together with some girlfriends when my friend Liz threw the perfect Galentine’s Day party (I shared a little teaser yesterday!). She completely mastered everything so I’m excited to share how to host a Galentine’s Day party of your own! If you’re planning to get together with girlfriends tomorrow, then take a few of these tips and you’ll have a lovely time with your besties!

The Perfect Galentine's Day Party on Rhyme & Reason How To Host A Galentine's Day Party // Rhyme & Reason Tips for what you need to host a Galentine's Day Party // Rhyme & Reason How To Host A Galentine's Day Party

What Is Galentine’s Day?

I find this so funny! Did you know that Amy Poehler’s character in Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, created the Galentine’s Day holiday!? Yup, she went so far as to declare it “the best day of the year!” I love any excuse to get together with girlfriends as I always think it’s so important to maintain friendships, especially after you get married and put a ton of focus on that relationship. Nothing beats girlfriend time! So, Galentine’s is just about the best excuse to get together with your gfs (or your sister, mom, or grandma!) and watch rom coms, drink champagne, and wear cutesy pajamas. It’s basic, no denying that, but who doesn’t need a basic party every now and then!? Did you know, “technically” Galentine’s Day is celebrated today, the day before Valentine’s Day, but celebrating on the 14th works just as well too!

Organic healthy donuts that are perfect for Galentine's Day // Rhyme & reason How To Host A Galentine's Day Party // Rhyme & Reason A pink and red balloon wall for Valentine's Day // Rhyme & Reason How to celebrate Galentine's day with flowers, donuts, and champagne // Rhyme & Reason

How To Host A Galentine’s Day Party

How To Set The Ambiance

Ambiance and setting is everything! Liz set up our Galentine’s at our girlfriend’s adorable house (she owns Mylk Bar in Charleston, the luxury eco-friendly nail spa!). She has a gorgeous house that was the perfect backdrop for Liz to swoop in and bring her fabulous balloons and all the goodies + treats. If you’re a Charleston local or visiting Charleston and want to add a little fun to your trip, Liz and my friend Mimi do balloons right out of their downtown shop, Cannonborough Collective. Add a few flowers of your choice and voilà, your Galentine’s Day party prep is complete!

What to Serve for Food + Drinks

I think Liz did a perfect job picking the food and drinks for the party. Nothing beats bubbles when celebrating and Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day has always called for sweet treats so why not find the cutest + healthiest ones in town!? Liz finished setting the ambiance of the party here with healthy donuts (yup, gluten free, egg free, dairy free, soy free & still delicious!) from Bib.On and champagne from Eat Drink Hope. Cheers! I recommend doing something similar with champagne or by creating a signature cocktail (lots of ideas here!) and then serving a healthy sweet treat (lots of ideas here!). You want the food to be fun but no one likes leaving a party in a sugar coma. If you’re hosting a brunch, then I love the idea of heart shaped pancakes or waffles!

Make it a Pajamas Party

Pajamas are a must for every Galentine’s Day party! The only exception here is if you decide to host your Galentine’s Day party out and about at a nail spa or a wine bar (also so fun!). If Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day is your thing and you want to go all out, then gift your besties matching pajamas for the occasion. That’s what Liz did for us and it was such a lovely surprise! All the girls got Toss Designs nightshirts or Weekender Shirts + Toss Designs pj pants. I linked a bunch of my current favorite pajama and intimates here!

Watch Romantic Comedy Movies

Edwin will be the first to admit that I always try to watch Romantic Comedies. He shoots them down most of the time so I need girlfriend time to get my rom com fix. I like watching a movie and feeling happy and light on my feet afterwards and romantic comedies just do that. If you need some suggestions, here’s a list!

Favorite Romantic Comedies:

You’ve Got Mail  •  Something’s Gotta Give
It’s Complicated  •  Father of the Bride (I & II)
Something Borrowed  •  Home Again
The Parent Trap  •  Notting Hill
When Harry Met Sally  •  How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
10 Things I Hate About You  •  Sweet Home Alabama
Midnight in Paris  •  Funny Face
Sleepless in Seattle  •  The Philadelphia Story
Annie Hall  •  Roman Holiday

Organic healthy donuts that are perfect for Galentine's Day // Rhyme & reason Girlfriends celebrating Galentine's Day in matching pajamas Will you be my Galentine? // Rhyme & Reason Tips for what you need to host a Galentine's Day Party // Rhyme & Reason

Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day this year? If so, I hope this post gave you a little last minute inspiration for how to host the perfect Galentine’s Day Party! It’s not too late to call up your best gals or the ladies in your family for a little gathering. Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to remind them how much you value them always being there for you! P.S. head here for tons more Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day inspiration. xx

The Perfect Galentine's Day Party on Rhyme & Reason

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