Charleston Snow Day

My oh my, yesterday was the most fun Wednesday in history, ha! The whole city of Charleston was blanketed in a few inches of snow! It fell over the course of the whole day turning it into a tropical winter wonderland. Every time I saw a palm tree covered in snow, I smiled! It was a magical Charleston snow day!

Our puppy, Maybelle, had the time of her life. She frolicked, played, and jumped all over the snow, never wanting to come back inside. Edwin and I also enjoyed the snow by going for a nice long walk. It was so nice to soak in every moment of the day. It was beautiful. Everyone out and about was in awe of the weather. All businesses and schools were closed. So it was so quiet, beautiful, and peaceful. I’m crossing my fingers that the snow doesn’t melt for a few days!

Bundled Up for Charleston Snow Day 2018 // Rhyme & Reason

White Quart Zip Fleece (also comes in pink) / Pink Fleece (sold out) / Jeans (similar for less, similar for less) / Beanie (old – similar, similar, similar, similar) / Boots (also comes in black) / Camp Socks (come in 4 colors)

Snow bunny wearing a pink Penfield fleece with a navy pom pom beanie // Rhyme & Reason J.Crew Nordic Boots in the Snow in Charleston // Rhyme & Reason A Pink Penfield x Madewell Fleece Jacket in the Snow in Charleston // Rhyme & Reason How to wear pink the in snowy winter // Rhyme & Reason

For our Charleston snow day, I wore my new favorite piece of clothing in my closet… this quarter zip fleece that I got for Christmas. I’ve been living in it this whole week. Especially due to the cold weather and the not so strong heating system we have in our house. My quarter zip is white but it also comes in a pale pink (which my sister got for Christmas!). I never know if I’m a extra-small or a small but in this cozy piece I’m wearing a small. I also layered on my pink Penfield x Madewell jacket that came out this fall. It’s sadly sold out now (they also collaborated on a vest!) but I did my best to find the most similar items out there (some come in multiple colors so click through):

The coziest quarter zip fleece you need for winter // Rhyme & Reason How to style nordic snow boots and camp socks for winter // Rhyme & Reason The cutest pom pom beanies you need now + where to buy pom pom beanies // Rhyme & Reason Playing in the snow with a labrador puppy // Rhyme & Reason

My boots are possibly my #1 obsession this winter. They are almost sold out! However I’ve noticed that they’ve been restocked here and there so keep your eye on them. They also comes in black! I also love Bean Boots (as you know from here!) and love these other four options for snow boots: one, two, three, four.

Snow falling in Charleston, January 2018 What to wear when it snows in the south // Rhyme & Reason Tips for layering in the snow with two fleece jackets // Rhyme & ReasonThe best pink fleeces for winter + where to buy the coziest pink fleeces // Rhyme & Reason How to style J.Crew snow boots with bright red laces and camp socks

Edwin was over the moon about the snow day too and was non-stop taking photos! A few people messaged me yesterday about the boots they saw Edwin wearing in my Instagram Story so I thought I’d include them. My parents got the boots for Edwin for Christmas… just in time for this weather. Edwin’s boots also come in a women’s version, which I think are pretty darn cute too! Edwin’s jacket has been a life saver this week (a Christmas present from his sister). It comes in three colors and makes Edwin look quite handsome if I do say so myself.

Labrador puppy in the snow in Charleston // Rhyme & ReasonTips for wearing pink and navy in the winter // Rhyme & ReasonThe best Patagonia down quilted jacket and Xtratuf rain boots for men // Rhyme & ReasonThe pom pom beanie you need for winter // Rhyme & Reason

White Quart Zip Fleece (also comes in pink) / Pink Fleece (sold out) / Jeans (similar for less, similar for less) / Beanie (old – similar, similar, similar, similar) / Boots (also comes in black) / Camp Socks (come in 4 colors)

Get the Charleston Snow Day look:

Photography by Edwin Eversole

12 Responses to Charleston Snow Day

  1. Lyn says:

    LOVE the post today, Jillian! Such a fun day in CHS! And your hubby is taking darling photos!

  2. Nora Astley says:

    I love this post!! Now if we only had some snow in Colorado!! What a perfect family snow day. I love seeing Edwin on the blog–you guys are too cute!


  3. Natali says:

    Such a pretty and Winter perfect day!! LOVE all of these photos and you are looking so cute bundled up here. 🙂

  4. Jane says:

    Such pretty photos! I was in Charleston just last weekend and just missed the snow. Enjoy the fun!

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