Bundled Up In The Berkshires

Last week, I shared a recap of our weekend spent in the Berkshires! Edwin and I stayed at 33 Main and had the loveliest weekend exploring (neither of us had ever been before!), eating, window shopping, and relaxing. We were expecting Lenox (the town we stayed in in the Berkshires) to be covered in snow. However it was unseasonably warm so there was a bunch of snow but not a blanket of it.

I brought my big snow parka but was pleasantly surprised to find that my Barbour jacket (more sizes here and here) was warm enough during the day as long as I layered. In today’s post, I’m sharing my bundled up in the Berkshires wardrobe from our trip! I love the red barn backdrop. Only because of course, no trip to New England would be complete without visiting a few old barns!

P.S. for more from our trip, read my Berkshires Travel Guide!

Bundled Up In The Berkshires Wearing A Navy Barbour Beadnell Wax Jacket // Rhyme & Reason

Sweater (old – similar, similar) / Pullover / Jacket (more sizes here and here) / Jeans (also love these and these) / Boots

Explore the Berkshires in New England wearing a Barbour Jacket and Hunter Boots // Rhyme & Reason Jillian Attaway wearing a J.Crew fleece in front of a New England barn // Rhyme & Reason

Y’all have seen me wear my forrest green Barbour jacket on R&R before (here and here) but haven’t seen me wear it in navy. I get so much wear out of my Barbour and have had it for years so I decided to snag a navy Barbour (more sizes here and here) last summer in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m SO happy I did. Yes, navy is a dark color but it feels super fresh for a jacket every time I slip it on. Barbour is a timeless brand that doesn’t succumb to any trends so I knew this jacket was worth the investment… I will still be wearing it in 10 years! My jacket is the “Beadnell” style but I also love these other Barbour styles:

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This half-zip fleece pullover 100% wins the award for my most-worn item of 2018 so far. You last saw me wear it on our magical Charleston snow day but you haven’t seen me wear it just about everyday around our house. It is just so darn comfortable. I sleep in it, work in it, and wear it out. It has that look and fit that it works for everything! I’m obsessed and can’t recommend it enough! P.S. I sometimes wear an extra small and sometimes wear a small. However in this fleece I got a small because the XS was a little too cropped for me.

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My hunter boots are always the perfect boot to wear in snowy conditions (as seen here and here as well as here in the fall). I can wear thick cozy socks with them. Plus, I can trek through rain, slush, or snow easily in them. I always get questions about packing Hunter Boots on trips and I have to say, it’s easier than you think. I have the “Tour Packable” style that are made for packing so they are super lightweight and easy to put in a suitcase.

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Sweater (old – similar, similar) / Pullover / Jacket (more sizes here and here) / Jeans (also love these and these) / Boots

Get my Bundled up in the Berkshires look:

Photography by Edwin Eversole


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    You are looking super cute here! I love your rubber boots.


  2. Katie says:

    This outfit looks so cute on you, Jillian! Perfect for casual winter days!


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