Plaid Blazer with Velvet Bow Over Stripes in my 5 Fall 2017 Trends I'll Be Wearing

5 Fall 2017 Trends I’ll Be Wearing

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Trends come and go but they are so fun to embrace, especially when they last for a few seasons! I can be iffy on trends… sometimes I definitely jump on the bandwagon while other times I watch trends come and go. There is always the fear of “what if I can’t pull it off?” too but honestly, if you wear anything with confidence and a smile on your face, then you can most definitely pull off the look. So, today I’m sharing 5 Fall 2017 trends I’ll be wearing this season and into winter. Which trends are you excited about right now?

Plaid Blazer with Velvet Bow Over Stripes in my 5 Fall 2017 Trends I'll Be Wearing

5 Fall 2017 Trends I’ll Be Wearing

1) Plaid Blazers: plaid is always a good choice so a plaid blazer is an extra good choice. Stay tuned for a full outfit from me featuring my favorite plaid blazer of the season (as seen in the photo above) but in the meantime, snag the look below with a handful of the best plaid blazers available. I think the look is both preppy and smart as well as on trend and versatile (after all, a tailored plaid blazer is a very different look than an oversized one).

2) Velvet: I adore rich textures and always have! As a little girl, I loved wearing velvet dresses and shoes, especially around the holidays. Even when velvet isn’t technically “in” I still love it. So, whenever velvet has a moment, I jump all over it. Velvet is getting it’s time to shine this fall so I suggest incorporating the material into your closet through both little pieces that add a pop of fun and in statement pieces (also love this). Shop my velvet must-haves here:

3) Monochromatic: in general, I’ve never been a huge monochromatic dresser other than the usual black on black for winter or white on white for summer. However, I’m really excited to test the waters this fall with this trend and take on some new color challenges by dressing all in one color tone using colors like green, cream, and burgundy. How beautiful would this skirt be over these boots with this top or this sweater all in greens? If you love neutrals then try these pants (similar), this sweater (similar for less), and this coat together in one look. Burgundy is one of my personal favorites so I’m envisioning this dress (similar for less), these pumps, this vest, and this purse (similar for less) styled together.

4) Metallic: we started to see metallic make a mark last fall and winter but it’s clear now that it was just gearing up for 2017 as the metallic look is everywhere right now in every color: gold, silver, metal etc. I always love sequins (that so often come in metallics) so I’m ready to embrace this trend. My favorite ways to master metallics right now are through shoes, purses, and party dresses so take a look here to get on board with metallics:

5) Red: you’ve heard me mention how much I love dressing in a fall color palette of forrest green, navy, burgundy, and marigold but have you heard me talk about red? Not yet! You’re about to because red is having a major moment this fall and winter. I’m excited for the opportunity to take on this bold color and incorporate it into my wardrobe and beauty routine. Shop some of my favorite bold red pieces here:

I loved writing this post! It got me so excited to shop for fall and winter! Nothing beats the changing seasons (p.s. I watched You’ve Got Mail earlier this week, which got me completely in the fall spirit!). I hope this post got you excited for a new fresh fall wardrobe too. xx

Photograph by Virgil Bunao

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  1. My favorite season is fall and all that beautiful colors! Go for Velvet and Red girl! . Here in South America we just welcomed Spring so I really enjoy seeing your posts.

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