Happy Thursday loves! I hope everyone is having a great week. I was hit with a wall of exhaustion yesterday that felt very discouraging. I love my teaching job and I also love coming home and working on Rhyme & Reason in the evenings. I do put work into the site and sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading. So, thank you for taking the time to follow along! I so appreciate each one of you and I hope you enjoy some part of Rhyme & Reason as much as I enjoy writing it.

Today, thoughts on my wishlist. A silly topic, I know, but it is something that is actually always inspiring me. I’m always falling in love with new prints, new color combinations, and new lines. Here’s a look at what I’m coveting right now…

Rhyme & Reason Wishlist Rhyme & Reason Wishlist 2

Tunic / Sunglasses / Clutch / Dress / Nail Polish / Bathing Suit / Sandals / Check Clutch / Vest / Tan Sandals / Lipstick / Pineapple Earrings / Stripe Shirt / Blouse / Cosmetic Case

Get the look:

One Response to Wishlist

  1. June says:

    great shopping list, I love CDGC stripes tee. I really want to buy that for a loong time >.<

    xxx June


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