New York Fashion Week Street Style

New York Fashion Week has been packing the fashion punch on the runways and the streets. As usual, the street style has its own trends, giving the runways a run for their money (partially kidding!). Now trending on the streets of New York: distressed denim, fringe, and white after labor day (more on this next week). Scroll to the bottom for my picks of the trends.

SS15 New York Womens Street Style SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_LR656_031 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_071 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_001 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_004 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_010 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_011 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_041 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_049 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_LR656_028 SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_LR656_030

I’m hoping to add a touch of fringe to my fall wardrobe like this perfect purse and these two pairs of chic booties (one, two). While I’m at it, why not try and mix in a new pair of distressed denim jeans. I’m currently loving this pair of boyfriend jeans and this pair of slim fit jeans.