John Robshaw Pillows

I’ve been wanting up update my bed for awhile now. One of the main ways I’m looking sprucing it up is by replacing my pillows with new, decorative pillows. I’m leaning toward picking out two big sham pillows and one to two smaller decorative pillows. I love John Robshaw pillows. My living room is filled with them! I’ve been deciding on a color scheme for my pillows – blues and greens or pinks and neutrals. I ultimately narrowed it down to blues and greens. To gain inspiration this past weekend, I browsed one of my favorite home stores in San Diego, Bixby & Ball. Now that I’m back in Los Angeles, I’m also going to peruse one of my favorite local home stores – Rooms & Gardens – for my last round of inspiration before I pick my pillows. Below is a scene of inspiration from Bixby & Ball this weekend + my current pillow options. I clearly need help narrowing them down! Which are your favorites?

Psst, I have a John Robshaw quilt on my bed in the summer and a white linen comforter on my bed in the winter. Here are a few bedding options along my style: a chic white comforter, a classic white quilt, a John Robshaw patterned duvet, and a blue and white striped comforter.

Rhyme and Reason Bedroom Pillow Decor Inspiration

My blue & green pillow options:

My pink & neutral pillow options:

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  1. Kate says:

    I love this post! What a lovely bed. Can you tell me where you got the pink and white striped pillows that are on the bed? Thanks!

    • Hi Kate, Thank you so much! The pink stripe pillows aren’t available online right now but I picked out a handful of other pink pillow options in the post… hope that helps! XO, Jillian

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